parvenu (plural parvenus)

  1. A person who has risen, climbed up, or has been promoted from his class, especially through acquisition of wealth, rights, or political authority but has not gained social acceptance by those within the new class.
    • 2001 January 31, Francis Wheen, "The whole truth about Peter"s friends", The Guardian
      But the favourite"s power and influence provoke intense ill-feeling among other courtiers, who regard him as a sinister, usurping parvenu with ideas above his station, or perhaps even a sorcerer.

7 letters in word "parvenu": A E N P R U V.

No anagrams for parvenu found in this word list.

Words found within parvenu:

ae an ane anu ape aper ar are arpen aune ave aver ea ean ear earn eau en er era ern eruv na nae nap nape nare nave ne neap near nep nu nur pa pan pane par pare pareu parev parve pave paven paver pe pea pean pear pen per pern perv prau pre prune puer pun puna pur pure ran rap rape raun rave raven re rean reap ren rep rev rue run rune un up upran ur ure urea urena urn urp urva uva uvae uvea vae van vane var vare vau vena vera